Monday, January 23

4WDs Collision

Four people are recovering in hospital following a head-on collision between two 4x4 vehicles in the Stockton sand dunes yesterday.
A Westpac rescue helicopter spokesman said two cars were coming over a crest on opposing sides of a large dune when they collided about 3pm.
A 17-year-old passenger of one of the cars suffered cuts and abrasions in the crash while a 24-year-old driver of one of the vehicles suffered chest injuries.
Both were flown by Westpac rescue helicopter to the John Hunter Hospital.
Two other males, aged 26 and 17, were also transported to the John Hunter Hospital by ambulance while another passenger was treated at the scene by paramedics for minor scratches.
All four men were listed as being in a stable condition.
Both vehicles were extensively damaged in the crash.
-The Newcastle Herald, Monday, Jan 23, 2012

The 26-year-old male, Daniel, is my sister's boyfriend. Thankfully, he has no broken bones and has left the hospital. However, he is still in pain as he has injuries to his chest. Please pray for him.

The fifth person is now in hospital, but in a stable condition.


bethy said...

Thats sad. I hope they all recover.
Will pray.
Beth xx

Imogen said...

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