Monday, November 30

A Tag I stole from RebeccaM and a tag i stole from t.j.

Tag from RebeccaM:

Who is Your Favourite Artists: Suzi Quatro, Natalie Gauci, and Spice Girls
What is your favourite song: Devil Gate Drive(by Suzi Quatro)and i am stuck on whether to put "how high the moon',or "Orange coloured sky"(both byNatalie Gauci)

Do you like Miley Cyrus: yes
Do you like Pink: No
Do You like Taylor Swift:yes 
Do you like the song Fun House (by Pink): yes
Do you like the song Love Story (by Taylor Swift): yes
Do you like the song Party in the USA (by Miley Cyrus):no I have never heard it
Do you like the song Paparazzi (by Lady Gaga): noI have never heard it
Do you lik the song Papa Don’t Preach (by Maddonna): no I have never heard it

Do you enjoy singing: yes
Are you part of a choir: no

How often do you sing: every day
If you were to become a singer, what sort of music would you use, Pop, Rock orJazz: i think Jazz
Have you ever sung on stage:no ( not counting the times in my dance concerts when i sang along to the music but no one could hear me).

Who will you tag:
My Mum!!!

T.J.s tag:

Two names you go by:
1. BrideeBrid

Two Things you are wearing right now:
1. A blue top that has "live love laugh" all over it
2. black3/4 pants

Three of your favourite things to do:
1. play games piano

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. A new Claddagh ring!!!
2. saturday to so i can start to put the christmas decorations up!!!!!

Two favorite pets you have had:
1. coco(My dog)
2. tara(my cat)

Two people who will hopefully fill this out:
1. My Mum
2. One of the Seven Sisters

Two things you did last night
1  Ate
2. watched the ballet "Swan Lake"

Two things you ate today.
1.  weet-bix
2.  noodles

Two people you’ve talked to today:
1. my sister kristie
2. my parents

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
1. Read (and hopefully finish) The Lord of the Rings Book 3/part 6(so i can watch the movie!)
2. play with my sister

Two longest car rides you’ve been on:
1. port stephens to canberra
2. newcastle to london (i had to take a plane ride )

Anyone one can have these tags

yours in christ,

The Ballet

I saw the ballet last night!! it was so Good! I saw:
                          Swan Lake

                                                        Presented by

       The Imperial Russian Ballet Company

The Prince was Nariman Bekzhanov
Odett/Odile was Anastasia Homitskaya.
The ballet was in 3 parts and altogether it was 2 hours and 45 minutes ! I mean I was in bed at 11:30!!!
We had the best seats in the Civic Theatre- front row at the top!!!!!!!!
i got to go now 
Yours in christ 

Tuesday, November 24

Quote of the Day

'" I've had a splendid time," she concluded happily,"and i feel that it marks an epoch in my life. But the best of it all was the coming home."'

( I have been reading 'Anne of Green Gables' and this quote is from the chapter 29 'An Epoch in Anne's life'  (the last line) )

Monday, November 2

all souls day

I am reading The lord of the Rings; the Fellowship of the Rings by J R R Tolkien. The book is really wonderful. I know that some of you don't like magic books, but this one is so, so breath-taking!  Also A catholic man wrote this book!!! And he was a friend of the guy who wrote Naria   
I am also reading Anne of Green Gables for school and I wish mum would let me read it myself. I am up to Chapter XIV or 14( i can read roman numerals)where Anne really likes Marilla's Brooch in the last chapter i'd read.
I am learning about Togas and signet rings.i to wrote my grandma and grandad explaining togas and signet  rings. mum ,dad, and myself dressed up in togas, and mum and dad took of their togas after the agreed 10 minutes, but i still have mine on!!!!!
today is all souls day and i will tell you more in my next post .
i am off to guides now so i have to go.
May god bless you ,