Tuesday, March 23

Quote of the Day

Be Happy for this moment , ths moment is your life.

Happy St Patricks day

Happy st patricks day everyone!!
I hope that you enjoyed it, 'cause I certanly did!!
Big News-My friends from Rnland are coming over next month, and we're going to Uluru!!!
Thats all for now !
Yours in christ Sara

Thursday, March 18

My Book

 I am writing a book called

 Clonakilty’s Royal Academy
       New Girl
 And here is a snipet:
 "Chapter 1
There it was- the train that was going to take 11-year-old Lizzy away from her Auntie Sinclair. How glad she was to be going away. Yet she was a little nervous staying at a boarding school with girls and boys that she did not know."

The book is about a girl named Elizabeth, who is staying at her Aunty's house, because she is an orphan.Then she goes to Clonakilty’s Royal Academy, where her adventures begin.