Monday, July 12

From my Newspaper

Hi all!
Here is something from last months newspaper:
Women in disguise

During the early days, ballet was only performed by men, as were acting of any from on stage usually done by men. If a woman wanted to dance or to act on stage, she first had to disguise herself as a man, before she was allowed to perform. If a female role had to be performed, slender men or boys were dressed in ladies clothing, and wore wigs. Ballet dancer’s donned masks to portray their character further. The costumes were elaborate, and it is a wonder that the performers managed to dance in them at all. After that many more ballet schools were opened across the world. Ballet remains a popular form of art, and a popular sport. Many sportsmen and women use ballet in training for their actual sport. Pelé – a famous soccer player used ballet to warm up before matches. Many ice skating performers and gymnasts use ballet in both training and choreographing their sport.

i haven't put up a wordless Wednesday in a while. maybe I'll put one up later 


Beth! said...

That was a very good report.
I can't imagine a boy dressed as a girl, LOL

Beth! said...

That was great!
I love the french words in Ballet.

Laura C. said...

Hello Sara!
Thank you for your interest in the Sibling Challenge. I hope you can still find ways to reach out to your siblings even if you don't live with them. :-)