Sunday, May 1

Blessed Pope John Paul II

WOW! I was just watching Pope Benedict the 16th beatify Blessed Pope John Paul the 2nd, on EWTN, and gosh! WOW! you just have to watch it, to see it click HERE to see it yourself! it is AMAZING!!!!! Please watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

St. Peter of Alcantara and Blessed JP both have the same feast day: 22nd of October. Click HERE  to read his biography. Also HERE  For some information on Blessed JP II.
So Dignified
Blessed Mother Teresa with Blessed Pope John Paul II

Blessing the People

Thousands of Millions

HA HA!!! Great sense of Humor!

Beautiful Blessed John Paul II

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Oh, PS. you don't really have to watch all of the EWTN, unless you enjoy that sort of thing! Its still going on Mums laptop. But then again it is Mass (in Latin!!!)


Imogen said...

I love the photos of Blessed John Paul II. I only found out he was being beatified on Sunday.

Imogen said...

Hi Sara, I was wondering if you'd recognise me. Of course you can be my friend. May I be yours? Sophie, Charlotte and Gemma-Rose would like to be your friends too. Have you seen their blogs?
I found your blog through your Mum's blog.