Sunday, August 21

Do you have a hole in YOUR racket?

A couple of weeks ago, me and dad were playing Totem tennis, and dad kept on accidentally missing the ball. I was about to say "Dad, do you have a hole in your racket?" when dad swung the racket, a we heard an almighty, earsplitting THWACK! and dads' tennis racket broke! it was one of the old ones (my first pole got really rusty and we couldn't use it), so it was okay! But how ironic is that?

the broken Racket

the racket fixed (sort of!)

about to go into bin
I know that this is not very interesting, but I AM trying!!!
Love Sara


Beth said...

Ha Ha! Thats funny!

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, I have tagged you for a Saintly Meme. Come over and join in. I am sure you can find a couple of blogging friends to tag. Love you. xx