Thursday, December 1


Hello People!
My Dance Concert is THIS SUNDAY!!!! I am a bit nervous, so could you pray for me??
Also, I am putting up a prayer list, if anyone wants Bloggers to pray for them. You can use your blog name, your real name (in case their different, as is mine), your Initials; However you can not put Anonymous!!! Thank you for reading my babbling, I go now, to other blogs!!!

Love Sara xox


GuineaPiggyGirl said...

you'll be absolutely fine in your concert today!!!! Nothing to be nervous about!


GuineaPiggyGirl said...

email me when you get a chance and tell me all about your concert! : )


bethy said...

I hope the concert goes well!!
Beth xx

Sararose said...

Chantelle, I'll email you about the concert, or better still I'll tell you soon
Thanks Bethy!

Love Sararose