Monday, November 30

A Tag I stole from RebeccaM and a tag i stole from t.j.

Tag from RebeccaM:

Who is Your Favourite Artists: Suzi Quatro, Natalie Gauci, and Spice Girls
What is your favourite song: Devil Gate Drive(by Suzi Quatro)and i am stuck on whether to put "how high the moon',or "Orange coloured sky"(both byNatalie Gauci)

Do you like Miley Cyrus: yes
Do you like Pink: No
Do You like Taylor Swift:yes 
Do you like the song Fun House (by Pink): yes
Do you like the song Love Story (by Taylor Swift): yes
Do you like the song Party in the USA (by Miley Cyrus):no I have never heard it
Do you like the song Paparazzi (by Lady Gaga): noI have never heard it
Do you lik the song Papa Don’t Preach (by Maddonna): no I have never heard it

Do you enjoy singing: yes
Are you part of a choir: no

How often do you sing: every day
If you were to become a singer, what sort of music would you use, Pop, Rock orJazz: i think Jazz
Have you ever sung on stage:no ( not counting the times in my dance concerts when i sang along to the music but no one could hear me).

Who will you tag:
My Mum!!!

T.J.s tag:

Two names you go by:
1. BrideeBrid

Two Things you are wearing right now:
1. A blue top that has "live love laugh" all over it
2. black3/4 pants

Three of your favourite things to do:
1. play games piano

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. A new Claddagh ring!!!
2. saturday to so i can start to put the christmas decorations up!!!!!

Two favorite pets you have had:
1. coco(My dog)
2. tara(my cat)

Two people who will hopefully fill this out:
1. My Mum
2. One of the Seven Sisters

Two things you did last night
1  Ate
2. watched the ballet "Swan Lake"

Two things you ate today.
1.  weet-bix
2.  noodles

Two people you’ve talked to today:
1. my sister kristie
2. my parents

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
1. Read (and hopefully finish) The Lord of the Rings Book 3/part 6(so i can watch the movie!)
2. play with my sister

Two longest car rides you’ve been on:
1. port stephens to canberra
2. newcastle to london (i had to take a plane ride )

Anyone one can have these tags

yours in christ,

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