Thursday, May 13

Tag from Chelonia Green

1.The date: Thusday 13/5/10

2.The time: 7:58

3.The last movie you saw: The Blind Side

4.A random feeling of yours: Sillyness

5.The last song you listened to: I wanna say yes

6.Last thing you ate: Lamb Sandmich

7.Last thing you drank: water

8.Last candy you had: Musksticks

9.Last person you PMed on Blogger: Bethi

10.Five material things you want for your birthday: ?????

11.Five unrealistic things you want for your birthday: my own castle, to turn in to anamiels and dragons,Go to heaven and still live on earth,to be able to play all the insturments in the world, and to have my own Orchestra

12.Last scary thing that happened to you: I couldn't breath when i was sleeping

13.Last family member you talked to: Mum

14.What windows do you have open on your computer: Blogger :Gods Girl, Chapter 1- Word, pet pit-Word.

15.Most used smiley:
(\__/) (\__/)

(='.'=) (='.'=)

(")_(") (")_(")

16.Exclamation you use when you make a mistake: Sorry!!!!!!

17.Last thing you stubbed your toe on:the door!!

18.Last HSBlog you saw: Bonnet Girl

!7. The time now:8:02

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