Monday, May 31


The Tigris and the Euphrates rivers are located in Turkey, and the Tigris has a latitude 33o north, a longitude 91 o east, and its length 1900 km. While the Euphrates River has a latitude 39o north, and a longitude 38o east, and its length is 526 km.

Some of the cities on these rivers include Cizre, al-Qurnah, Shattal al-Arab, Mosul, Samarra, and ruins of the great Mesopotamian cities such as Nineveh, Calah, Ashur, Seleucia, Ctesiphon, Baghdad.

Notably, the countries they run though are Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. They rise in southeastern Turkey at Lake Hazar in the Taurus Mountains and flows southeast for about 450 km.

Typically, these rivers are used for drinking, fishing, and trading with other countries.

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