Tuesday, September 27

Taffy and Cinnamon

Taffy and Cinnamon are my new bunnies!!!! it started with my piano teacher, Chanel . . .
Her family breeds Nederland dwarf rabbits and I said to Mum "Mum, I want a bunny!" in that really annoying whinging voice - just joking!!!
Anyway, I discussed things over with Mum and Dad, dah dah dah dadah, (1,2, skip a few, 99, 100!!!!) blah blah blah, and they said YES!!!!(well, really it was dad who had to say yes - Mum agreed almost straight away!)!! We decided to get them AFTER Qld - great place, wonderful time, but that's for another post!
We got back on Friday night - bit late: quarter to nine! - stayed at Grandma and Grandads' Saturday night 'till Monday afternoon, and then today!!! Calls were taken and made, and around 1 o'clock we were at Chanels' house!!! Greeted by her family, we went down to the back of the house. After pats and questions, we left with my beautiful bunnies in a tall cardboard box (filled with torn up paper and a old kitchen towel, just in case you were wondering). Getting the bunnies home was one thing - getting them in the Hutch is another!!


Leanne said...

And they are adorable....so very cute

GuineaPiggyGirl said...

♥ ~*Chantelle*~