Tuesday, December 1

A tag i took from RebeccaM

What time is it?4:03

What is your favourite colour? pinkypurple

What is your favourite show? Saturday Disney

What things do you like doing?Playing games that were back in time

What singers do you like? Suzi Quatro, Natalie Gauci, and Spice Girls

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Loving Mother(sigh)

What will you do when you are 20 years old?Own a Real Live horse!!!(sigh(again))

Have you ever been to another country?yes, England and Ireland
Have you ever been to Oregon?No, and where would that be?

What language are you learning? latin

Do you like classical, pop, or rock music? all 3, but i like classical the most

Have you ever been on stage? yes

Can you sing? yes
What are your favourite songs?Devil Gate Drive(by Suzi Quatro),Orange coloured sky"( byNatalie Gauci), and a few others...

Have you ever seen Watoto perform? No
Have you ever even heard of Watoto until now? No

Have you ever heard Waratah Girls choir sing? No
Are you apart of a choir? no

Do you like interviews? Yeah!!!
Do you like having people asking you irritating questions like these ones now? YES!

Are you famous? YES( in my mind)!

Do you like dancing? YES
If you dance, how often do you do it? ten times in every hour!!!!!!
If you sing, how often do you do it?almost as much i  dance.

Do you own a horse? Yes(if you count Schleich horses!!!) 
Have you ever ridden a horse? YES!!!
How often do you ride?every few months?!?!?!

How old are you?11
How old do you want to be? 13 !!

Are you bored at the moment? no
Do you enjoy life? YES!
Do you make the most of hard situations? YES!!! Of coruse i do!!!!!

How do you wear your hair? (I just had to ask that question, I am obsessed with hair styles) OUT!!!

Do you prefer dress’s or pants? dress’s

Have you ever driven a car? Yes i have once i didn't drive it far , but i HAVE!!!!!!!
How many times did you fail your driving test? zero
What sort of car do you want when you grow up? one that works
Do you prefre riding a horse, or riding in a car? horse
Do you prefre riding in a horse and buggy, or a car?horse and buggy
Have you ever been in a horse and buggy?yes

Do you own a dog? no
Do you own a cat?yes(2)
Do you own a snake? no
Do you own a spider? no( enless you count the ones that love living in our house)
Do you own a monkey? no
Do you like gorrilars? yes
Do you like Steve Irwin? yes

Who are you a fan of? GOD

What day is it? thursday

What time is it now? 5:10

yours in christ
(anyone can have this tag !)

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