Friday, December 4


I went on "The cutest little blog on the in the top left corner)"today and i got these 'Blinkies' and i put them on the side bar(>)  and i also put a banner up(^). i hope you like them!

Iam listening to my mum favorite album "Alive @ 5- soul medicine'how can i keep from singing'"

I am thinking of puting a Music thing One on
Yours in christ


Guinea-pig-gal said...

Hi Sararose!

Thanks for coming over on Friday and Saturday! I had a great time!

We now have our friend Louise here to stay and she will be here until the 30th of December.

Lots of love from Guinea-pig-girl (Bonnetgirl) xoxox

Guinea-pig-girl said...

Hi Sara,

I finally posted a tiny bit about Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm!

I still haven't figured out how to do the template, but I posted a 'question' on my blog and hopefully someone who knows something about templates can show me how!

Better go,

Love in Christ
~Bonnetgirl~ (~Guinea-pig-girl~)