Thursday, December 31

Ouote of the Day

I have three quotes today and they are-

"Then if our lot be bright or sad,
be full of smiles or tears ,
The thought that God planned it so
should help us bear the years"

"' Oh, Rebecca, don't let's say that!  it makes me feel like a fool.'
' It takes so little to make you feel like a fool' that i sometimes think you must be one.'"

" With a gentlemanly bow, Dad opened the door for her, then stood there bloking it. He froze, hands gripping the doorframe.
'What is it ?'
'Oh, Lord. Phone Luke Ely and have him call out the volunteers. The bunkhouse is on fire and the flames are reaching for the barn'"

"' She said she was going to roast to death any child who talks to much. she said she was going to build up a fire hot and put them in the stove and cook them!'
' Surely you didn't believe her '
 ' yes '
'This is nonsese, i merely said that to keep them quiet in class. Now as soon as that board is removed, we will all return to the classroom.'
'The board will be removed, but no Keith is going to ruturn to this classroom.'"

They are from
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,

Phantom Stallion - Dark Sunshine
A life of faith - Millie's Unsettled season

Yours in Christ,

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