Tuesday, February 15

Photos from our holiday . . . (P.S. I'm Back!!!)

These are some of the photos from our hoilday in Victoria:
   in the boat in the Lake(river really)

a pretty flower . . .

at the Buchen Caves, in the Fairy Cave

My First Fish!!( with my fishing rod)

Me and my friend, Olivia . . (Olivia is the dark hair girl)

Three Winners:
Emily,first,  Me, third, and Rose, Second 

All the Girls - the Swimming Carnival


And thats all!!!



Beth said...

Hey Sara,
I'm glad your back, I like the pictures.


Renelle said...

How cool,

Thanks for your message So glad to be able to comment. Wasn't sure if you'd want and old girl like me around!! Hope to catch up with you sometime, but until then we shall meet in bloggie land. Farewell for now sweet 100% Anne!!