Friday, March 11

Lent is finally here!!!

Lent is finally here!!!
Is it just me or is it really late this year? I mean Ash Wednesday on the 9th of March!!!
and guess what!!! My birthday is on Monday, Holy Week!!! and mum's is Palm Sunday!!!!
(please on that day comment for my Birthday!!!!
well, thats all for now, I have to email my friend, Marie!!!
love Sara!!!

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Gallop Girl said...

Hi Sara:
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Sure, I would love it if you were my friend on my new blog!!!
I am shuting down my blog "Horse Crazy" because I believe thats what the Lord is telling me to do.
I would love to keep it, but when you feel the Lord is telling you to do something, you just can't disobey!
As to how I get that cursor, go to my blog, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the little button that says: Totally free cursors".
You can find tons of cursors there for free.
And, if you want a button (I don't make mine myself), you can go to this blog:
She (book blogger) can make you a really pretty button. She is great, and I would recomend her to anyone:)

Gallop Girl said...

Can I be your friend?
Cool blog by the way. I really like it :)

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday dear Sa-ra!!
Happy Birthday to you!

Faith said...


Would you mind if I used the bunny amoticon on my blog?

Oh, and can I follow your blog?


Faith said...

Oh and please answer my question in a comment here: