Thursday, March 24

tag that I stole from . . . MYSELF?!?!?!?!?!?!

#1 Your favourite colour. Not sure, only pretty colours!!!

#2 Your favourite branch of the military. ?

#3 What is your dream vehicle. a Rainbow Mazda

#4 Hats of choice if any. ones that don't annoy me

#5 What’s the last movie you watched?  no sure???

#6 Have you ever had a pet? Fish, cats,dog

#7 What is your favourite movie or TV show character? ICarly!!!

#8 Do you have any firearms? No!

#9 Favorite 2 quotes? Be Happy for this moment , this moment is your life.

"uh,uh,uh uh uh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

#10. Have you had an MRE? ?

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