Friday, October 21

Holidays up north: Sea World

Sea World
I went there as a baby, and I don't remember a thing! This time though, we got a Homeschool discount (25% off!), a couple of cool rides, and (wait for it, wait for . . . - excuse me, where's the drumroll?) . . . A swim with the Dolphins!!!! It was so cool! There was eight girls, two dolphins, and two instructors. We were split up into two groups, one with each dolphin. I  was with Tyson; the other was called Cyrus.
We got them to do jumps, tail-walking, and lots of other fun things!!
Lots of Fun!!!
Love Sararose xox
me in the suit

i am at the back


GuineaPiggyGirl said...

fun!!!! : )

bethy said...

I love seaworld!!
I'm doing a "linkup" on my blog.
I would love it if you would participate...

Beth xx

Jessica said...

That looks like a *lot* of fun :D