Sunday, October 16

Homeschool Camp . . .(yes there is such a thing!)

As some of you know, I have been away (before the school holidays) at camp and up north.
I will post about Queensland later (probably next week), however now, I am going to put about the Homeschool camp I went to . . .
Random dancing - I'm the one in the white top,
pretty skirt, and grey tights {Anna is wearing
the pretty dress, which I have just like it . . .

I live in Medowie, 40 minutes from Newcastle, and Lennox Head (where the camp was at) is 6 or so hours north. Mum couldn't drive that far, and I can't blame her! We stayed at a friends house overnight [Mrs. Hassett, I hope you enjoy this publicity!] and awoke with the sun on a lovely Monday! the Hassetts have the most AWESOME LIBRARY!!!!!! I fell in love with it!!! there was books everywhere!!! cool!!!!(sigh)!!!!

We drove down Princess and Jelly Bean, and 2 hours later, we were at camp!!! We tumbled out of the car, and tried to find our friends before out mums called us back to help unpack.
Me: purple ring; Princess: blue ring; Anna: green ring;
and Jelly Bean: red ring

Our priests were Fr. Risso (I think thats how his name is spelt!) and Fr. Gabriel. We had teams: Red Bosco, Blue Assisi, and Green Mackillop. I was in Mackillop; Go go Mackillop Green!

Spiritual talks, mass, and choir singing, exploring rock pools, kite flying, sports day, burying other people in sand; all part of the experience!
Coming third place

gosh, who do we have here?
well, Jelly Bean, Princess, Brigid, Me, Anna, and
 Rosias' sister,
Each night events, such a quizzes, games and a talent show, were held. on the Thursday night there was a bonfire; down at the beach (did I mention that it was a 2 minute walk to the beach?) and out in the field.

All heaps of fun, and I am going to another camp (down south) this week!!! Blog later!
Sararose xox

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bethy said...

Looks like a fun time!
Great post.
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