Tuesday, October 4

Photo Shoot

In the Tree house

Pretending to be Amy March

Dramatic! Actually, I was spinning around and fell over!

Photo courtesy Bethiquette
Love Sararose ♥♥


bethy said...

I love those!
You look beautiful!
Have a great day.
Beth xoxo

Renelle said...

Very artistic and photogenic.
Love Renelle

Celeste said...

Lovely photos!

Celeste said...

Lovely photos Sara!

Erin said...

sara this is aussie princess
my computer is not working xoxo.

Anonymous said...

sara this is princess my computer is not working.

Leanne said...

These are just great photos... oh by the way, I have given you an award. come over and see for yourself.

Sarah said...

you look pretty.