Thursday, November 3

Novel Writing

Hi lovely readers!
I will not be writing much here this month, as I am writing a novel instead! I will tell you about it once November is finished.

Also I am thinking of changing the title and the background of this blog.
To view a better post on this subject, please visit: Dancing with Dragonflys
Well, off to write!!

Are you crazy enough to participate in the National Novel Writing Month? Do you think that writing a novel in a month is absolutely mad? I would love to hear from you!



GuineaPiggyGirl said...

i love the story you posted on girlfriends! Would love to read the rest of what you've written! : ) do you think, perhaps (only if you want to) you could bring it on Tuesday??!!! : )

have a great writing day!

Love ~*Chantelle*~

Jessica said...

Fun, fun! How is it going? I *just* started writing today...I really must get busy :D

p.s. you're welcome! Thanks for commenting over at our blog, too! Aren't comments fun??

Imogen said...

I'm mad! But you already knew that. I'm cheering you on at my end. Go Brid! You can do it!